The Oriental Dance is not only a dance, but a way of being in life. It is the way for the woman to meet, to assert herself and gain more self-esteem. Classes, with the great bellydancer Catarina Branco, are ideal to achieve this goal. As well as being so much fun, they’re great for burning at least 400 calories and gaining muscle! And I say it: I have become much more confident and discovered the sensuality in me! Try it, but notice right away that you will not want anything else in life ...
— Catarina Ricardo
I’ve known for years that I wanted to learn oriental dance, a fascination that was born with me, but that I had never had the opportunity to learn. After being a mother I felt the need to do something to breathe, it was when I remembered the oriental dance and discovered Catarina Branco’s classes. I signed up and I liked the first class right away. The first class with Catarina made me feel alive and happy, not only because of the class itself and all the technique she teaches, but also because of Catarina’s ability to make us feel special and beautiful. I really enjoyed the first class, then the second, third ... and it’s been almost a year. Catarina who is much more than a teacher, who is an incredible person, full of charisma, loving, friendly, always gives us her best (including her best dance suits). The passion she has for dancing is so great and beautiful that it infects. I often dance for myself to the rhythm of my daughter’s children’s songs and count the days for the next class.
— Romina Fernandes
I had always loved to see Oriental Dancing, but I knew nothing about it, and I had never imagined myself dancing, whatever the reason was, I felt so uncoordinated, I had always been clumsy. One day I became aware that I was not being feminine at all, nor sensual ... until I went to attend a performance and an experimental class with Catarina Branco and her students and, although I did not participate, the animal and the curiosity were there, because it was such a beautiful dance, and the best of all: there were classes of it! Now, it was my chance to be more feminine, to learn to know how to use my body in a more harmonious way, combining this with something that I would probably like to do: dance. So, since I started, a few months ago, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I want to learn more, I’ve dedicated myself, because I’m loving it! Catarina is a great teacher, very dedicated, understanding, patient, explains the movements very well, encourages our development a lot, that is, she is demanding, in the sense that she always challenges us to go further, she challenges in right way. So with all that, I still gained confidence like I’ve never had before and I look at my body more naturally. Besides, I’ve had the opportunity to see Catarina dance in other situations and she’s fantastic! I say many times that she was already born to dance, because it is in her soul and for her to express herself through dance is natural and does it without thinking. So the Oriental Dance is the ideal activity for the all women and with Catarina it will certainly be exciting! Come on and try it!
— Sandra Piedade
For some time I had had the curiosity and interest in practicing and learning more about the Oriental Dance, a form of expression very linked to sensuality and with the particularity of being practiced individually. This interest, coupled with the fortune of having a teacher, choreographer and dancer like Catarina Branco, undoubtedly surpassed my expectations and transformed each class into a relaxing and exciting moment of learning and sharing. Advice: Free yourself and come and practice this form of body art. A warning: May cause addition! :)
— Cristina Mesquita
I started taking Oriental Dance classes because I always enjoyed dancing and I wished to have training in the area. I was not sure what I was going to find, but right from the first class I realized that I felt good there because that was my environment too. All this for several reasons: because of the dynamics of the classes, in which we feel from month to month a noticeable evolution, of the dear colleagues and of the companionship that exists in our group and, of course, the teacher. I know I’m suspicious, but if Catarina is not the best teacher in the area, she sure is one of the best. As well as being extremely friendly and sharing us her love for the dance, whether when she is teaching us or talking about it, she is always available to help the students with doubts or other questions - in class or out. I know that I am a suspect, but who better to speak of things than those who experience them: if you want to do Oriental Dance, try with Catarina.
— Rita Pereira
A dança oriental é um mundo cheio de magia, podemos concordar que tem o seu encanto. Para além de termos uma professora fantástica, em todos os níveis, temos uma amiga. É uma dança que requer a mente e o corpo numa só ligação, e isso não é fácil. Se adicionarmos a sensualidade, parece que é impossível, porque nem todos temos um à vontade. Mas isso é o desafio das nossas aulas, expor as nossas deusas interiores com uma atitude vibrante de querermos mais, mais, mais e mais. Valerá a pena acreditem, aqui aprende-se a dançar com atitude, como encontramos pessoas maravilhosas.
— Vanessa Artifice
Dancing has always been part of my life. I like all kinds of dance, but belly dancing is very special to me.
On the day I did the trial class with teacher Catarina Branco, I automatically became a fan ... I loved it, I loved it, I loved it ... She is a fantastic teacher, very friendly, always available, who encourages her students and tries always to extract the best in each one of them.
I’m always looking forward to Saturday, our fantastic lesson day. There, our problems are at the door and I live every moment with emotion and commitment. Our group is awesome, very close and friendly.
— Fátima Barroqueiro

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