Regular Classes

Regular Classes in Catarina Branco Oriental Studio in the city center of Setúbal of different levels for those looking to learn or evolve in the Oriental Dance.

Catarina Branco & Students | Performances from the show "The Female Soul of the East"

  • Development of skills such as body awareness, motor coordination, balance, flexibility and musical interpretation.

  • Delivery of theoretical material on the dance origin, history and styles.

  • Opportunities for public performances.

  • Certificate of attendance delievered in the end of the school year.


Oriental Dance has attracted a vast number of practitioners due to its ability to improve physical and emotional well-being, with strong positive effects on self-esteem and interpersonal relationship.

Read the testimonial of some of my students so you can discover their own experience.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are ideal for those looking to learn at their own pace and according to their schedule. Catarina will focus entirely on the goal of the student(s) whether it is to start dancing, to evolve in dance, to develop a specific skill or even to prepare for an event.

Price: 35 € / hour | Pack 4 hours: 120 €

Location: In Lisbon at Espaço Dançattitude (Estefânia) or at your choice (limited to the district of Lisbon and the district of Setúbal).


Workshop | Pack "Girls Get Together"

Are you looking for an original idea for your friend's Bachelorette Party?

In the Oriental Dance Workshop: Pack "Girls Get Together", you and your friends join arms to learn a fun and sexy Oriental Dance choreography that will spike your feminism and attitude.  A unique opportunity to do something different, have fun and feel feminine while discovering the magic of Belly Dancing.

In the end we will record your dancing and take some fun pictures so we can capture the moment and remember it later on. Or who knows, even perform it...

Price: 150€

Duration: 1h30

Place: You can opt for a place of your choice (condition: within the district of Lisbon or the district of Setúbal) or in Lisbon at Escola Dance Spot.