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Catarina Branco is a portuguese Oriental dancer, choreographer and teacher. Distinguished as Young Revelation 2016 and winner of 19 international prizes, Catarina is the most awarded Portuguese Oriental Dancer in international professional solo and the first one to perform in the most well-known Bellydance Company in the word,  the Bellydance Evolution, directed by american dancer Jillina Carlano. 

Catarina teaches in Lisbon in Espaço Dançattitude and in Setúbal in Club Setubalense. She regularly performs in several shows and events in Portugal and Abroad, on solo and with her dance group Mahasin.

As a way to evolve, Catarina regularly travels to other European countries in pursuit of instruction and oppotunities to demonstrate her art by participating in international competitions and shows.

Catarina Branco is a great oriental dancer who always pushes herself to be better. As a teacher, she is kind, helpful and encouraging. As a performer, she is powerful, passionate and inspiring. When she’s dancing, she is always that person who stands out in the crowd.

If you are interested in learning to dance or organize an event with an oriental spice, contact.


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The Regular Classes of Oriental Dance are aimed to every women and men who wish to learn or improve their Arab Dance technique as well as learn on its history and evolution.

The classes are composed by exercises and coreographic sequences that improve body awareness, motor coordination, balance, flexibility, musical interpretation and self-expression. Moreover, the classes possess a theorical component with the delivery of material related to the history and evolution of Oriental Dance so the students understand the strong cultural and artistic component present in the dance.

Throughout the Regular Classes period, the sudents will enjoy a personalized assistance on their development having the opportunity of performing and show their evolution. In the end of the lective year, all students receive a certificate of participation.


The Oriental Dance has attracted a vast number of practitioners due to its ability to improve physical and emotional well-being, with strong positive effects on self-esteem and interpersonal relationship. Read the testimonial of some of my students so you can discover their own experience.

I’ve known for years that I wanted to learn oriental dance, a fascination that was born with me, but that I had never had the opportunity to learn. After being a mother I felt the need to do something to breathe, it was when I remembered the oriental dance and discovered Catarina Branco’s classes. I signed up and I liked the first class right away. The first class with Catarina made me feel alive and happy, not only because of the class itself and all the technique she teaches, but also because of Catarina’s ability to make us feel special and beautiful. I really enjoyed the first class, then the second, third ... and it’s been almost a year. Catarina who is much more than a teacher, who is an incredible person, full of charisma, loving, friendly, always gives us her best (including her best dance suits). The passion she has for dancing is so great and beautiful that it infects. I often dance for myself to the rhythm of my daughter’s children’s songs and count the days for the next class.
— Romina Fernandes


Private lessons consists of personalized teaching where the professor focuses entirely on the student, finding ways for her/him to improve and advising him/her on the best way to evolve as a dancer. This type of lessons are appropriate to students who want to learn the basics of Oriental Dance as well as to those who desire to deepen their current knowledge and evolve as dancers.

The date, the duration and the location of the classes are to be decided together with the student (Condition: location limited to the district of Lisbon or the district of Setúbal).

Catarina is a very talented dancer and a lovely person! I had the opportunity to take some private classes from her. She not only loves to dance but she also is a very giving teacher. I definitely broaden my repertoire thanks to Catarina. She also gave me a lot to work on. It is a pleasure to dance with her!
— Cansu Karaboga (Turkish Dancer)



In the Oriental Dance Workshop: Pack "Girls Get Together", you and your friends join arms to learn a fun and sexy Oriental Dance choreography that will spike your feminism and attitude.  A unique opportunity to do something different, have fun and feel feminine while discovering the magic of Belly Dancing.

In the end we will record your dancing and take some fun pictures so we can capture the moment and remember it later on. Or who knows, even perform it...

This pack is the ideal event for Bachelorette Parties! An unforgetable moment for the bride and her friends, as well as a fun preparation for the wedding celebrations.

Price: 15€ per friend

Duration: 1h30

Place: You can opt for a place of your choice (condition: within the district of Lisbon or the district of Setúbal) or in Lisbon at Espaço Dançattitude.

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If you are interested in organizing a completly unique event with an oriental spice, contact me.

Appropriate Events: 

- Weddings

- Theme Parties

- Corporate Events

- Dance Shows

- Runway Shows

Price and type of performance will depend on the specificities of the event. Contact me for more information.

For Group Performances, get tho know m my award-winning group Mahasin.

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About Me

Oriental Dancer, Teacher and Coreographer

About Me

Oriental Dancer, Teacher and Coreographer

Born with an intense passion for dance, young Catarina Branco tried different styles – Ballet, Hip Hop, Burlesque, Bollywood, Salsa, Tango, etc.  However, only when she found a dance that mesmerized her from head to toe, did she really committed entirely to one style of dance. That style was naturally Oriental Dance.

In 2010, after a year of passionate learning with a local teacher, Catarina joined a prestigious dance academy in Lisbon Dançalivre where she found her master Sara Naadirah. Since then, Catarina Branco has worked hard to keep learning and growing. Throughout her career, the dancer has attended several workshops of renowned dancers around the world and participated in several international competitions, achieving all this at the same time that she studied to become a Manager, having graduated from her Master in International Management in June 2015.

In 2016, Catarina was distingished as Young Revelation in the field of Dance by the City Hall of Setúbal and in 2017 became the first portuguese dancer to join the renowned Oriental Dance Company Bellydance Evolution, directed by the famous dancer Jillina Carlano. Currently, Catarina is the most awarded Oriental Dancer in the country in professional solo , with a total of 12 national and international awards.

Catarina Branco wishes to keep improving and spreading this ancient art, through her teaching and performances, always with the intent of a dignifying and contributing to the increase of the community of practitioners.



Master Category

1st Place in Oriental Dance Weekend 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal)

2nd Place in Bellyquality Festival 2017 (Madrid, Spain)

Professional Category

1st Place in International Summer Bellydance Festival 2017 (Leiden, Netherlands)

1st Place in Oriental Dance Weekend 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal)

1st Place in Valencia Dance Festival 2016 (Valencia, Spain)

3rd Place in International Summer Bellydance Festival (Leiden, Netherlands)

1st Place in Bellyquality Festival 2016 (Madrid, Spain)

2nd Place in Noite de Estrelas 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal)

3rd Place in Habibi Festival 2015 Competition (Pamplona, Spain) 

1st Place in Pyramid Awards 2014 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

1st Place in Miss Bellydance Ireland 2014 (Dublin, Ireland)

2nd Place in East Fest Lisbon 2013 Competition (Lisbon, Portugal)

Amateur Category

2nd Place in Revelação Dançattitude 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal)

1st Place in East Fest Lisbon 2011 (Lisbon, Portugal)

Group Category

1st Place in Oriental Dance Weekend 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal) - Mahasin

1st Place in Noite de Estrelas 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal) - Mahasin

2nd Place in Prémios Grupos Dançattitude 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal) - Mahasin

3rd Place in Prémios Grupos Dançattitude 2013 (Lisbon, Portugal) - Naahraks


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Contact me

+351 915 401 202

Contact me

+351 915 401 202

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